How to build a safe and reliable scaffolding

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The installation of scaffolding on the construction site is essential to project safety. In addition to constructing new construction projects, scaffolding is also used when renovating and decorating existing buildings.


Although scaffolding provides a certain degree of safety, the installation of scaffolding itself has posed a danger to workers. A simple mistake can lead to catastrophic consequences, such as a fall and hospitalization. Erection of scaffolding may be very risky, so workers must be very careful when installing it. To ensure that no accidents occur, the following are the fail-safe tips when setting up the scaffolding system during construction.

Regional Planning

Just like buildings, scaffolding must stand on a flat stable surface or ground. The first step will help you stabilize the foundation and support of the entire scaffold structure. Placing the scaffolding on uneven or unstable ground may pose a huge risk to the entire construction crew.

Safety regulations

Scaffolding does not have to bear the burden of providing safety. The basic regulations on the construction site require workers to regularly follow the regulations when using goggles, helmets, gloves and other necessary body protection equipment. In addition, all building materials such as ladders, handrails and gates must be arranged regularly. Failure to ensure these safety precautions will put the entire crew’s life in danger.

In addition to ensuring worker safety, you must also ensure public safety. It must be clearly stated that construction works are taking place in the area so that the public can be aware of and be careful when passing by. The installation of scaffolding may take a long time. Therefore, it is best for pedestrians to avoid this area during installation.

You can place temporary sidewalks or closed road signs so that the public will not cross the area. Signs and obstacles must always be visible. If the street near the site is critical to the community, scaffolding can be installed in the early morning or evening. It is also recommended to install scaffolding on weekends.

Scaffold inspection

Before starting to install the scaffold, the scaffold must be thoroughly inspected to avoid accidents on the way. Depending on the duration of the project, some scaffolding may be corroded and damaged over time. This situation requires daily evaluation. These assessments are required to determine the status and total number of stents. These will also help remove scaffolding that may pose a hazard to the site.

After everything is ready and ready, the only thing workers have to do is to install the entire scaffolding structure. It may take a while to install the scaffolding, but if all workers follow safe working methods, everything will be fine.

Supervision and monitoring

Even if our workers have sufficient knowledge and experience in scaffolding installation, we must still train them regularly. In addition, you must monitor and supervise their work process. The personnel authorized to monitor their work must ensure that the entire scaffolding installation process is followed closely and accurately during the entire construction period.

Following the above-mentioned fail-safe tips on scaffolding erection can ensure the safety of all workers and the public. If you want to inquire about scaffolding services, please contact us immediately through Dr. Ladder Scaffolding. We can help you plan your next scaffolding project with the most cost-effective and time-saving solution.