What is scaffolding? How many types of scaffolding?

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What is scaffolding? How many types of scaffolding?

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Scaffolding system type

Scaffolding is a temporary structure, stage or elevated platform used to assist high-altitude construction and maintenance projects. With the progress of the construction industry, and many different styles

Various types of scaffolding systems are in use in buildings.

This article will explore the different types of scaffolding used in industry.

Modular scaffolding

Modularity refers to the use of one or more different modules or independent units to form a foundation. Then this base was used to build bigger and more complex things.

Modular scaffolding is very effective when the structure facade is complex and it is not allowed to be used with traditional scaffolding. Such scaffolding can be installed in buildings

On both sides and provides a lot of flexibility.

System scaffolding

According to the U.S.Safe and Health Council, system scaffolding refers to a scaffold made up of columns with fixed connection points. These columns can accommodate channels, supports, and

Diagonal lines that can be interconnected at predetermined levels


Simply put the system scaffolding adopts vertical, horizontal and diagonal rods and steel pipes. The fixed connection points are spaced on the column, horizontal pipes or inclined pipes can be easily connected to the column on. Compared with tubular scaffolding, the system scaffolding uses a door lock mechanism to make the installation speed faster.

What is the difference between modular scaffolding and system scaffolding?

Modular scaffolding is the same as system scaffolding, but the name is different. They are also called prefabricated scaffolding. This is because these parts have already been manufactured, and fully designed in accordance with the intended purpose. The lack of loose components in the system, modular or prefabricated scaffolding makes it an ideal choice.It is cost-effective and time-sensitive, so it is very popular now.

Cup scaffolding and buckle scaffolding are the most commonly used modular scaffolding systems today. Ring locks are another type of modular scaffolding. They are reliable and multifunctional

Yes, and minimize the time, cost, and time to assemble them.


Tubular scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding is also called steel scaffolding, pipe clamp scaffolding, pipe scaffolding or fastener scaffolding. This is a traditional scaffolding system because it provides flexibility and is used by many people.

Although modular scaffolding systems consist of components designed and only suitable for their intended use, tubular scaffolding allows unlimited variations in standard positions. therefore,

It can fully adapt to the environment.

The pipes and fittings are connected to each other by clips and connectors. Compared with modern scaffolding, pipe clamp scaffolding is more time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Hanging scaffolding

As the name suggests, suspended scaffolding refers to scaffolds that are suspended or suspended on elevated structures, such as ceilings. Involvement and erection-a formal scaffolding system will require unnecessary time, money and energy.

Suspended scaffolding is usually supported by power and ropes. Suspended scaffolding includes catenary scaffolding, floating scaffolding, multi-layer scaffolding, boom scaffolding and

The most popular swing scaffolding.


Arm scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding is ideal when conventional scaffolding systems are not allowed on the ground. It is also called stitch scaffolding because the stitches provide the basis for the scaffolding

foundation. The needle protrudes from the wall of the building, and there is a working platform on the building.


Mobile scaffolding

Movable or rolling scaffolding provides a portable working platform that can be easily moved to the position where work is needed. The mobile scaffold is installed on casters, allowing

People perform tasks that require frequent change of positions. These include mobile towers, wizard elevators, and square towers.


Wire bridge scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is used for light work. They have adjustable legs, so their height can be changed according to the situation.