The idea of surface anodize oxidation on aluminum alloy material

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The idea of surface anodize oxidation on aluminum alloy material

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The mobile platform step ladder and the insulating fiberglass ladder adopt the high-temperature polymerization obtrusion manufacturing process, and the material is epoxy resin combined with pin rod technology. Aluminum alloy material parts made surface anodizing treatment, the surface of shaft steel parts has a protective coating; the processed surface of insulating laminated material parts is treated with insulating paint. Ladder support, ladder foot prevention device.

The gauge is not easy to fatigue, the shape of each part of the ladder has no sharp edges and corners, the safety degree is high, the insulation performance is strong; the water absorption is low, and the corrosion resistance.

Before use: Every time you use the ladder, you must carefully check the surface of the ladder, parts, ropes, etc. for cracks, severe wear, and safety, damage; when using a ladder, you should choose a hard, flat ground to prevent the danger of side tilt; if the ladder is used at a height of more than 5 meters, be sure to be in the upper middle of the ladder.

Set up an F8 or above pull line; check that all ladder feet are in good contact with the ground to prevent slipping; without the manufacturers permission, the ladder will never be attached to other structure, never use and repair damaged ladders; when the ladder is raised and lowered, it is strictly forbidden to hold the cross brace to prevent cutting fingers.


For mobile platform step ladders, before using aluminum ladders, carefully check whether the ladders and pedals are deformed or damaged and whether the bolts or nails appear

In the case of looseness, in addition, check whether the fixed rod of the ladder is effectively fixed and whether the bottom of the ladder is installed with a trickle-down sleeve; if the aluminum ladder is damaged, it needs to be repaired or updated immediately.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint the wooden ladder, because the paint will cover up the problem of the ladder.

Three-legged orchard ladder, this kind of orchard ladder is light, safe, and stable, and the ultra-light aluminum ladder with hollow welding can be lightly transported and used in the garden.


The stable tripod ladder with the ground grip is also a unique design, plus adjustable-height footsteps. Let the ladder easily cope with the various terrains of the garden and the height of the tree.

The movable herringbone ladder connects the tops of two ladders with a loose-leaf and can be combined when moving. Because of its flexibility, it is widely used by renovation workers.


Movable herringbone aluminum alloy ladder, you can walk around with the ladder when no one is on the ground. Such aluminum alloy ladders can be installed

Repair workers bring a lot of conveniences, especially when the house is dusted, they don't have to go up and down to work, and walk directly on it.

The mobile platform ladder, under the leadership of the new era thinking, environmental protection is also a problem that we cannot ignore. Among them, aluminum alloy is very compatible because of its low melting point(660 degrees Celsius) is easy to regenerate, is pollution-free for production or disposal, is conducive to our environmental protection mainstream, and conforms to the sustainable development strategy. Also is our best choice!