A hornet's nest with a diameter of 15 cm is hung outside the window on the third floor, and only two ladders for firefighters can reach

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At 4 o'clock in the afternoon on September 3, the rescue station of Jinan Fire Leadership City received an alarm: There was a hornet's nest outside the window on the third floor in a residential area near the Second Ring South Road, Shizhong District. After receiving the call, the rescue station of Jinan Fire Leadership City immediately dispatched 1 vehicle and 8 people to the scene.

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After arriving at the scene, the firefighters found that the hornet's nest was about 15 cm in diameter and there were many hornets, and it was located at a height of about 2.5 meters outside the window on the 3rd floor, which could not be touched inside the house. Since the residents on the third floor were not at home, the commanders first used a ladder to reach the platform on the first floor, and then set up a ladder to reach the window on the third floor.

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Afterward, the firefighters used insecticides to spray and kill the hornet's nest and its surrounding hornet with insecticides wearing anti-bee clothing and safety protection measures. After removing most of the wasps in the honeycomb, the firefighters stabbed the honeycomb with a stick and sprayed insecticide on the wasps nesting site to prevent the wasps from returning to the nest again.


Here, the fire department reminds the public: Do not act rashly on the hornet's nest on the upper floors and remove it under the condition of ensuring safety. If you encounter a hornet's nest that cannot be handled by yourself, please contact the fire rescue personnel in time.