Platform Step Ladder vs Extension Ladder

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Platform step ladder vs extension ladder


There are different types of ladders including step ladders, extension ladders, telescopic ladder, a frame ladders. The most popular ladders are platform ladders and extension ladders. Choosing which one is better based on your jobs. But the key considerations in relation to the task is the safest option as falls from ladders continue to be a huge cause of accidents.


The platform step ladder is ideal for working at fixed heights and is easier to maneuver than scaffolds or lifts. The extra-large platform with toe board feels like you are standing on the ground and allows you to work facing any direction. They are much easier to balance on, which enables more freedom of movement to carry out a task.


Extension Ladders can extend much higher than a platform ladder often used by tradespeople, painters, and gardeners who need to get into higher, often difficult spots to work. There are two kinds of materials for the extension ladders. Aluminum and Fiberglass. Fiberglass extension ladder with non-conductive rails is ideal for working near electricity. 


Extension ladders are better for jobs that don't take too long to reach. This is because it takes more balance, work, and concentration for the person using an extension ladder than with a platform ladder. The higher you are, the harder it is to balance. A platform ladder is sturdy and often they have an area where tools can be stored.


Actually it comes down to the jobs that need completing. The height, the work area, the number of people available, and the length of time the job takes will have an impact on your final decision.


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