The China Construction visited our company!

Industry I 2020-08-11, Number of views:63

Last month, The China construction Company visited our company. First-class company strength, standardized production operations, and good industry development prospects are important reasons for attracting this customer's visit. Our company warmly welcomes customers who visited this time and arranged meticulous reception work. They tried all our products in our presentation room. 

They highly recommend our products. They said your products have really good quality and complied with ANSI/AS/EN131/EN131-07/EN1004.

They are very happy to see our products since we have our patent for the fiberglass platform ladders with cages. And the fiberglass is really strong since it's the seven layers which is stronger than others in the markets.

After the visit, the client and company leaders had an in-depth discussion on the future cooperation between the two parties, hoping to achieve complementary win-win and common development in future cooperation projects!

china construction (2).png

They were trying our products one by one.