How to prevent the collapse of scaffolding?

Industry I 2020-10-07, Number of views:77

1. The stability and load-bearing capacity of the overall system of disc-buckle scaffolding are the key conditions to ensure safety. The actual operation should fully consider the impact of construction stacking and other dynamic loads;

2. Disc-buckle scaffolding should be an independent system. During the construction of the project site, it is forbidden to connect with the body of lifting equipment such as construction hoist, material hoist, tower crane and its attachment facilities;

3. Various defects of disc-buckle scaffolding related materials: rust, deformation of fasteners, defects in pipe wall section, etc. These defects should be properly taken into account during the design of the scheme to increase the safety factor of the design.

4. Operators who set up disc-buckle scaffolding must be trained and obtain a special operation qualification certificate for construction construction I scaffolding before they can work;

5. The technical person in charge of the project of the construction unit shall, in accordance with the requirements, clarify the safety technology to the on-site personnel. The construction unit and the supervision unit shall earnestly fulfill their safety responsibilities and strictly perform relevant procedures.