DR.LADDER scaffold​

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When you're suspended several feet in the air trying to do precision work, the last thing you want distracting you is worries about safety. "Is this platform stable? Are the supports strong enough? Can I focus on the job and trust my equipment?" With DR.LADDER scaffolds, the answer is an unflinching "yes". Our scaffolds are strong, stable and versatile to accommodate your hard-to-reach projects. No sweat. We also carry a variety of replacement parts and accessories to help you get the most out of your equipment.


Brand Name: DR.LADDER


  • 10' high working platform

  • 5' x 7' platform work area

  • Easy-to-assemble 4-piece safety guard rail

  • Available with mar-resistant Mylar or hard rubber      cast iron casters

  • Permanent welded frame connectors for durability

  • Galvanized X-brace and side guard rails for rigidity

  • Includes all clevis pins for easier assembly

  • No tools required for assembly

  • Can be stacked up to 100' high

  • Walk boards with wind guards for user safety