Mobile scaffolding and Rolling scaffolding

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Rolling scaffolding

The form of this scaffolding is similar to the type of "supporting scaffolding". However, in addition to providing a stable base, it also uses caster wheels to allow the base to move anytime and anywhere. Rolling scaffolding is a useful form of scaffolding when the work needs to be done longer than the single scaffolding structure allows. This means that there is no need to build many individual scaffolds, and workers can move the rolling structure as needed.


When the staff or materials are on it, the wheels will be locked and safe. This is to ensure the safety of operations, use and surrounding personnel.

Mobile scaffolding

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when determining whether to use static scaffolding or mobile scaffolding. Accessibility and the amount of movement of the scaffold itself are one thing. Ideally, it is preferable to rely on the use of a single scaffold structure or multiple individual structures. This is because mobile scaffolding is very safe when properly constructed and used correctly, but it does bring greater danger.

Aerial lift

Aerial elevators are used where workers need to be able to enter various heights to complete construction or other work. If construction work is to be completed on the exterior of a multi-storey building, and materials need to be moved to two or more floors at different times, this form of aerial work scaffolding will make it safer, faster and easier mobile. A large number of materials and workers themselves to achieve different levels of construction.