Mobile fence platform ladder is the definition of safety ladder

Industry I 2020-09-25, Number of views:34

For a long time, from the replacement of lamps and lanterns in the home, the removal of curtains to the high-altitude construction work in the engineering construction, the ladder is the tool we need to use when performing high-altitude operations. People who are concerned about the safety of ladders often see some articles on the Internet that say that about 300 people in the United States die each year due to ladder work, and the number of injured people seeking medical treatment far exceeds this number. The true reliability of this data has yet to be confirmed, but the key is that the quality and reliability of the ladder are closely related to the life safety of the user. Since the establishment of the brand, Dr. Lad has devoted itself to the research, development and manufacture of various safety operation ladders, and has accumulated rich experience in the industry.


Different from ordinary ladders, Dr. Ladder fenced platform ladders insist on safety at the beginning of the design. In terms of structure, safety and ease of use, they are superior to traditional ladders and incorporate many innovations. First of all, The main material of Dr. Ladder’s ladder is a glass fiber reinforced plastic profile containing seven layers of glass fiber through AC15kv and DC90kv withstand voltage tests. The main material of the pedal, platform and fence reinforcement is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. These two materials are cleverly combined. Combined, the Dr. Ladder ladder not only retains the excellent insulation of FRP, but also has the reliable mechanical properties and load-bearing properties of aluminum alloy, so that the safe load-bearing capacity of the ladder can reach 150kg.

A fence about 1 meter high is added to the platform part of the ladder. In addition, the fence also comes with a removable nylon protective net. This design can effectively protect the safety of users when standing on the ladder platform to work. There are also 10 cm high aluminum skirting boards on both sides and front to prevent users from stepping on the air. Both sides of the ladder have fine-adjustable foldable external supports, which can effectively prevent the ladder from turning over when used. There are bracket casters at the end of the rear support feet, which can be moved easily.

The ladder and the ground are in contact with the two-material foot cover of the injection molding process. On the one hand, the hard engineering plastic foot cover shell is not easy to be damaged during use. The soft rubber foot pad at the bottom has a non-slip pattern to enhance the anti-slip effect. The connecting rod part of the ladder is made of galvanized thickened iron with anti-jumping function, which can prevent the ladder from being accidentally folded during use. The iron parts, iron pull nails and screws used in the whole ladder are galvanized and can pass the 48-hour salt spray test.

As a result, Dr. Ladder fence platform ladder has passed all the test standards of EN131-7 and has a certification.

A ladder that can guarantee the safety of users’ lives does not have the word “safe” in the name, but every step of the ladder, even every screw, reflects respect for the user. Dr. Ladder fence platform Ladder did this. Take pedals as an example. Dr. Lad got the patent of V-pedal in 2016. This is a V-shaped reinforced pedal obtained after a long period of research and development on the basis of ordinary pedals. The test load reaches 260kg, and the pedal does not deform. In addition, the design of Dr. Ladder fence platform ladder also obtained a patent.