Scaffolding rental

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At present, many projects are still using the leased steel pipe portal scaffolding, whether it is installed from street advertising signs, or indoor and outdoor high-altitude operations, it can be seen, although the surface of some steel pipe scaffolding has been plated Zinc treatment, but due to damage caused by the process and material, or later use, rust will also occur. There are also some small-scale and outdated small-scale scaffolding enterprises that use cold galvanizing. Although the price is cheap, the technology is backward. The zinc layer is separated from the steel pipe substrate. The zinc layer is thinner and the zinc layer is simply attached to the steel pipe substrate. Falling off, so its corrosion resistance is extremely poor. Steel pipe scaffolding has backward technology, poor safety, and low work efficiency. In long-term use, it will gradually produce rust and corrode steel pipes, bringing a series of hidden safety hazards.


In contrast, Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding has accumulated a lot of popularity in China, and has been widely used in many buildings and interior projects. It has developed rapidly and has been recognized by the market. This kind of frame type scaffolding is lighter than steel pipe scaffolding due to its aluminum alloy material. There are no loose parts, quick assembly and disassembly, no hammer, wrench and other tools, which effectively improves work efficiency, saves time and manpower, and is safer to use. , More reliable and lower cost of use.

In building construction, especially for indoor high-altitude operations, aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding has always been the first choice. In recent years, with the progress of industry, the improvement of materials, technology, and design, the cost of scaffolding has been reduced.

At present, the rental price of the two kinds of aluminum alloy mobile scaffolds 1.35x2m and 0.75x2 is generally calculated by meters, and the price is 200-260 yuan/meter/month. There are usually two ways to calculate the deposit: one is calculated by the number of meters. About 1,000 yuan/meter; the second is to charge one month's rent as a deposit. If you need guidance and technical construction staff, the price is about 480/day.


Sometimes it is necessary to build a mobile scaffold that exceeds 12 meters, and a sub-frame of a specific height needs to be added to the side of the aluminum frame to ensure the safety, stability and carrying capacity of the scaffold. At this time, the sub-frame increased according to the height shall be calculated according to the rental unit price , Add it to the rental price.

The leasing price of aluminum alloy scaffolding is mainly composed of leasing cost + deposit + labor + transportation cost. After the leaser and the lessor reach an agreement, the lease contract is signed, and the scaffolding can be arranged after the rent is received.

Renting scaffolding has also become the choice of many small engineering teams. On the one hand, there is no need to purchase a set of rarely used scaffolding at a high price, and on the other hand, there is no need to configure a storage warehouse. However, the lease time is too long. For example, for a set of 6-meter double-wide aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding, the rental cost for 4-5 months is close to a new set of scaffolding with the same specifications. When choosing lease and purchase, choose according to the actual situation. At present, the rental price of aluminum alloy scaffolding has gradually become more transparent, and there is rarely a huge difference in rental prices in the same area before.