Specification for dimensions of mobile aluminum scaffolding

Industry I 2020-09-11, Number of views:35

     The key factor in standardizing the size of mobile aluminum scaffolding is strictly implemented in accordance with the EN1004 standard. This is the European scaffolding standard-EN1004:2004. It is a European Union country for mobile aluminum scaffolding and working platforms from materials, dimensions, design loads, and safety. A standard specification developed in terms of performance requirements and other aspects is intended to replace HD1004:1992; in the drafting of this scaffolding standard that will become an international scaffolding standard, the issue of average human height was also discussed.


     This new standard puts forward strict requirements on the size of the movable working platform. The standard clearly stipulates that the height of the movable aluminum platform used indoors cannot exceed 12 meters, and the height of the movable aluminum platform used outdoors cannot exceed 8 meters. In order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the scaffold, the vertical height of a single layer of the scaffold cannot exceed 2.1 meters, the minimum width of the platform is 0.6 meters, the minimum length is 1 meter, and the minimum platform opening area is 0.4 meters wide X 0.6 meters long. The minimum height of the fence is 1 meter.

     At present, there is no relevant standard for mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding in China, which has led to the flood of inferior scaffolding in China. Using a set of low-priced and substandard mobile scaffolding may save part of the cost, but in the later use, it will face There are problems such as rust, easy damage, and safety accidents.

The correct choice of the scaffold size is particularly important during construction. For example, the working space is 2x1.2 meters, then the double-wide aluminum scaffolding is not suitable. The double-wide size is 2x1.35 meters, and the folding mini aluminum frame (0.75mx1. 4 meters) is the best choice.

     Dr. Ladder's aluminum alloy scaffolding products meet the standards proposed by EN1004:2004 and meet the safety standards. The size of the single-tower mobile scaffolding platform is 1.35mx2m, 0.75mx2m, 0.75mx1.4m three specifications, height 2 Meters to 12 meters. In addition, they can be assembled side by side to form working platforms of different specifications. The combined aluminum alloy mobile scaffold can reach a height of 28 meters, which is suitable for various large and small construction projects that require high altitude operations, such as hotels. , The installation of advertising in shopping malls, the decoration of factories and buildings, etc.