Dr. Ladder Glass Fiber Herringbone Factory

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Dr. Ladder's glass fiber herringbone ladders are in compliance with EN131 standards, and certain safety precautions are taken for users.

1. Fire prevention. According to application requirements, the composite data safety ladder developed by us is very high, which can reach more than 70%. Meet the safety requirements of fire prevention, low smoke and non-toxicity.

2. During the recycling construction of the safety ladder, it is necessary to sample the steel pipes entering the site, and it is necessary to send the aluminum alloy and glass fiber to a qualified testing unit in the relevant country for mechanical tests such as steel pipe bending and tensile strength. Only when the experimental results meet the planning needs, can it be used in construction.

In the construction of bridges, the importance of safe climbing ladders is naturally very important. Safe climbing ladders are generally installed at a height of 3.5 meters. According to calculations, the height of each section of the ladder is 250 cm. If the above installation method is not applicable to the construction site, it must be discussed and studied with the approval department or the supervision department.

The safety ladder must be proportional to the construction height and not too low. Under normal circumstances, the hanging basket that the constructor rides should keep a certain distance from the safety ladder.

First, the ladder must be cleaned regularly to prevent certain chemicals from corroding the surface of the ladder. Check the type of exercise regularly and add lubricant as needed. Second, if the ladder material is bent and one or more joints cannot work properly, you need to contact the manufacturer for professional repair. Finally, harsh environmental conditions will shorten the life of the ladder. Generally speaking, the indoor life is 2 years and the outdoor life is 1 year.

Dr. Ladder insulated herringbone ladder usually requires the following characteristics: the main material is used to pull glass fiber and epoxy resin FRP profile processing, made of aluminum alloy material, the surface is anodized, the shaft steel parts are coated with a protective coating, and the insulation layer pressure The processing surface of material parts is treated with insulating paint, and the non-slip design of ladders and ladders is not easy to fatigue. Every part of the ladder has no sharp corners. High safety and strong insulation.

The product types and materials manufactured by the ladder manufacturers are diverse. Among them, the aluminum alloy products are widely used. The aluminum alloy folding ladder has good insulation and non-conductive, and the appearance is novel and beautiful. It is suitable for thousands of households. The aluminum alloy folding ladder is light in weight, Convenient handling. Aluminum alloy folding ladders have the corrosion properties of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts and many other gas and liquid media. According to the requirements of the actual use occasions, you can economically choose to use o-phthalic, isophthalic, and vinyl Type resin as the matrix material.

Glass fiber folding ladder has become one of the favorite tools of customers, and its material itself has characteristic performance which is the main reason for its popularity. Although aluminum alloy folding ladders have many benefits, they still need to comply with certain precautions when using them. Put your own safety first.