Multifunctional folding ladder thickened aluminum alloy herringbone ladder

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Dr Ladder Multifunctional Folding Ladder Thickened Aluminum Alloy Herringbone Ladder Indoor Telescopic Project Straight Ladder is a safety-oriented platform ladder. With the large platform (600 x 425 mm), you can always be safe and comfortable. In addition, thanks to the comprehensive protection, you can always free your hands. Ideal for every warehouse.

Telescopic legs (stabilizers) increase stability. In addition, Dr. Ti can also extend and retract through a set of extension kits (optional). This is useful if you need to work on uneven surfaces.



Dr ladder The industrial platform ladder is a modular system that offers unlimited possibilities. It is very suitable for use in warehouses or for maintenance work on machines or production lines. 2 or 4 wheels can easily move the industrial platform ladder. Choose the inclination angle and step width that suits your work and requirements.