Suggestion for purchasing of household ladders

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Suggestion for purchasing of household ladders

First of all, let's talk about the types of ladders, the commonly used ones are straight ladders and A frame ladders.

Straight ladders are generally less used. Especially commercial houses are unlikely to buy straight ladders. There are many different types of straight ladders. Pure straight ladders, such as wooden steel pipes and bamboos, are rare, and most of them are folded or telescopic.


The folding ladder has many joints and can be folded 360 degrees. Various shapes (suitable for some difficult environments).


professionally. Most of the straight ladders are aluminum alloy, but some joints are inevitably iron. Improper storage and use are easy to rust. The manufacturing of telescopic ladders is relatively difficult. It's hard to make it durable. It is very difficult to produce qualified telescopic ladders on the market.

Usually choosing a frame ladder for home use. There are three style for you to choose:


Without handrail and with tool tray


With handrail and tool tray


Without tool tray

It's best to buy one with handrail, so you won't lose your balance when you stand tall. However, the double-sided ladder is obviously impossible to have handrails. It requires two people to work together for using a double-sided ladder. Of course, there is generally no need for a double-sided ladder. A double-sided ladder has an extra ladder, which will be much heavier.


It's better to have a tool tray. It's much more convenient to use the tools. Otherwise you have to run up and down every time. The tool tray is also rich and crude, just moderate. 

Many people like extra-wide pedals, but they are not necessary.


Let's talk about materials. The first choice must be aluminum. Strong and light, do not use iron, the ultra-low-end ladder is iron (steel).


The most comfortable working height for a person is flat, at most slightly extended. Many touch heights are very uncomfortable, especially long hours of work. 

Because the height division of each step of each brand and each style is actually different. Specifically, it depends on the working height. The general working height plus more than one meter (looking at the person's height) is equal to the net height of your house (the maximum distance from the floor to the ceiling). The theory of general commercial housing is 2.8-3 meters, and the actual most common is 2.6-2.7 meters. So 5-6 steps are more suitable.