The advantages of retractable ladders

Industry I 2020-08-27, Number of views:33

This is a twelve-step aluminum retractable ladder with one-sided expansion!

We know that ladders are practical objects in daily life and are widely used in various fields of work.

Folding ladders must be more convenient to use.

The ladder is made of high-quality aluminum, which is light in weight but durable enough for long-term use.

It is foldable and can reach a height of 380cm.

 [Widely applicable] Very suitable for lofts, libraries, above-ground swimming pools, bunk beds, apartment fire ladders and trampolines.

[Slip resistance] Use non-slip foot straps to avoid slippage of the sole as much as possible during use.

[Reliable] Large-scale joints are used, and their carrying capacity and durability are three times that of small joints.

[Space saving] After being folded, it can be easily installed in the trunk or cabinet of a car. It is an ideal household ladder for DIY or businessmen who must travel.

Lightweight alloy aluminum structure. Non-slip rubber corner feet.

Safety and strengthen the angle adjustment lock.

Comply with European safety standard EN131.

Ladders can be used for high-altitude operations: indicating that the use of equipment that provides a higher level of fall protection is unreasonable due to low risk and short service life; or there are functions that cannot be changed in the workplace. Short duration is not a determining factor in determining whether to use a ladder

If you need to stay on an inclined ladder or ladder for more than 30 minutes, it is recommended that you consider using other equipment. You should only use the ladder when it is safe to use the ladder, for example, the ladder should be level and stable, and within a reasonable and feasible range, the ladder can be fixed.