What is EN131 standard? Have you got the ladders to meet the standard from China?

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what is EN131 standard? Have you got the ladders to meet the standard from China?

We are all familiar with ladders and know all kinds of ladder types. Did you know what ladders need to meet CE certification? The following editor briefly introduces the testing of the ladder CE certification EN131 standard.


The EN 131 standard was formulated by the European Committee for Standardization and specifies the requirements for ladders, including type, design features, dimensions, materials, technical requirements, marking information, etc. And introduce the "use" classification in the new standard. In the new standard, ladders are classified as "EN131 professional" (for the workplace) and "EN131 non-professional" (for home users). In short, the European standard EN 131 specifies the minimum and maximum standards that must be met by the characteristics of the ladder. We must emphasize that the label "EN 131" will appear on the marking of a particular ladder if and only if all the requirements of the standards applicable to this type of ladder are met.


Requirements of EN 131 standard:

The load including tools cannot exceed 150 kg. In addition, only one person is allowed to use it at the same time.

The EN 131 standard does not apply to step stools to which the EN 14183 standard applies.

The tread depth must be at least 20 mm.

Rising support with a surface equal to or greater than 80 mm is technically called a "step", although it is commonly referred to as a "wide step" in business. Ascending support smaller than 80 mm cannot be called in this way.

The distance between steps or steps must be uniform, and the allowable deviation is ±2 mm.


The EN 131 standard on the stairs mainly includes the following parts:

EN 131-1: Types, terminology, and measures of stairs.

EN 131-2: Technical requirements, testing, and marking of stairs.

EN 131-3: Information about user's marking, usage, and maintenance instructions.

EN 131-4: Articulated stairs with hinges.

EN 131-6: Telescopic ladder.

EN 131-7: Mobile ladder with platform.


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