What is a portable ladder?

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What is a portable ladder?

A portable ladder is a ladder that can be easy to move or carry, with side rails joined at predetermined intervals by steps, rungs, cleats, or rear braces. A portable ladder is a ladder than can be easily moved or carried. Portable ladders are available in various grades: light-duty or grade 3; medium-duty or grade 2; heavy-duty or grade 1. 

When properly selected, erected, and used, portable ladders temporarily provide one of the following:


• A passageway to other surface levels.

• The means of support while performing elevated work. Portable ladders are typically commercially manufactured and constructed to meet the voluntary American National Standard for Ladders known as ANSI-ASC A14.


OSHA’s regulations identify four unique groups of ladders:

 ` Portable ladders

 ` Fixed ladders

 ` Mobile ladder stands and platforms

 ` Job-made ladders


• Fixed ladders are permanently attached to buildings, equipment, or structures and cannot be readily moved or carried.


• Mobile ladder stands are movable, non-height adjustable, self-supporting ladders, which look like stairs mounted on wheels.


• Job-made ladders are typically fabricated at construction worksites and are not commercially manufactured.


Information about fixed ladders, mobile ladder stands, and platforms, and job-made ladders is not presented in this publication.


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