What are the advantages of fiberglass ( FRP ) insulation ladders?

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What are the advantages of fiberglass ( FRP ) insulation ladders? 

Fiberglass (FRP) insulated ladders Mainly  have the following advantages:

1.Good corrosion resistance, Strong and durable

The good stability and corrosion resistance of resin bai endow FRP with good corrosion resistance so that the glass cover material can be used for a long time under the corrosive environment of gas and liquid media with different salts, acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.

2. High-temperature resistance, superior flame retardant performance;

High-quality resin and flame-retardant additives greatly improve the flame-retardant performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation ladder. The oxygen index is greater than 26, the flame diffusion coefficient is less than 25, and the smoke density is less than 500.

3. Lightweight, high-strength

The composite of alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin makes the glass fiber reinforced plastic have unique characteristics of lightweight and high strength. Its strength-to-mass ratio is 1/4 of that of steel, which is suitable for various load-bearing structures in corrosive environments.

4. Anti-aging, anti-weather, long service life, safe and durable;

The high-quality matrix resin and anti-aging additives are added to the processing technology of FRP products, which greatly improves the anti-aging performance of the product. The product can maintain its gloss and continuous high strength for a long time, and the service life can be more than 20 years.

5. Safe and non-slip

In the production of FRP, the use of non-slip rubber mats with high elastic modulus and different surface effects greatly improves the non-slip performance of the insulation ladder. Its slight elasticity also reduces the fatigue of the staff to a certain extent. Rhombus, sand surface, double plane, crescent surface cover, different covers endow the insulating ladder with anti-slip performance suitable for use in different occasions.

6. Electrical performance

Glass fiber and high-performance resin endow the insulation ladder with excellent insulation performance, and its breakdown strength can reach 10kv/mm. There is no electric spark when metal tools collide. The insulation ladder has good magnetic permeability and can be used safely in anti-electromagnetic and anti-explosive environments.