What are the precautions for using aluminum alloy ladders

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:606

Because the aluminum alloy ladder is relatively light, when using it, you must pay attention to the balanced use of the ladder.  For example, it is not allowed to carry something in comparison and operate on a ladder.  Furthermore, if you want to work from one end to the other end of the ladder, you must be careful not to walk directly from the top of the ladder.

Folding ladders must be provided with struts or safety hinges or safety ropes, struts and safety hinges  It should be located at the midpoint of the ladder beam and can be locked; the struts or safety hinges should be made of strong and reliable materials, and the safety ropes should be made of iron chains, steel wires or multiple strands of iron wires. The use of wires, nylon ropes, or hemp is prohibited.  Rope, cloth strips and other materials that have the ability to stretch.

When using a folding herringbone ladder aluminum alloy joint ladder should pay attention to the following:

  1.  The folding ladder is locked to unfold the ladder column outwards, and when you hear a "click" sound, the lock block enters the position, indicating that the hinge has locked this position.

  2.  Unlock Turn the handle to open the lock, and at the same time, the lock block will retract to the position, indicating that the lock has been unlocked. At this time, you can change the angle of the ladder column or fold the ladder.

   3. After the ladder is unfolded, please carefully confirm everything  The joint locks can only be used when they are in the locked position.

  4. Ladder with a total length less than or equal to 4 meters can be used as a straight ladder . At this time, the angle between the ladder and the ground should be greater than 75 degrees, and the hinge in the middle of the ladder should face the wall

  5. When a multifunctional herringbone ladder is used as a platform, a flat plate with a thickness of at least 1cm must be used.

  6. When someone is working on the ladder, it is strictly forbidden to be pulled by others  The multifunctional herringbone ladder handle changes the locking state of the hinge.