What pattern is used on the tread of the mobile platform

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The operator must follow the maintenance regulations of the mechanical equipment and perform various inspections and maintenance before starting the lifting platform.  Before work, check the working range of the platform truck and remove obstacles that hinder the platform truck's rotation and walking.  Support is an important preparatory work for the operation of aerial work platforms. Flat ground should be selected. For example, the foundation is soft or undulating and must be cushioned with sleepers before work can be carried out.

High-altitude work platforms should generally raise the lower arm first, then the middle arm, and then the upper arm.  During the slewing operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be raised to a certain height before it can slew. The slew should be slow. At the same time, pay attention to whether the distance between the shear arm and the platform and the equipment meets the safety requirements. The operators on the working platform should wear safety belts.  When working in a live area, the car body should be grounded according to regulations, the lifting platform should be directed by the person in charge of the work, and the person in charge should contact the operator of the lifting platform in accordance with the signals specified in the GB5082 standard.  The signal sent must be clear and accurate .

Mobile platform ladder uses high-strength square tubes, angle irons, and steel tubes as  The frame is made of non-slip patterned steel plates as steps.  It is made of high-quality steel and undergoes acid cleaning, rust removal, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, baking varnish and other treatment processes.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.

Mobile platform ladder The treads and the platform surface use patterned steel grating to lower  Risk of slipping during manual access operations.  Ascending cargo elevator is a kind of carrying tool for material handling and turnover, as well as an auxiliary operation tool for ascending and picking up goods. It is especially suitable for manual picking of light and small materials in factories, warehouses and other environments.