How to choose the right step ladder

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Climbing step ladder In fact, it can also be called stair treads, steel ladder treads, and ladder treads. It is a kind of  Lianhua and Wulianhong what kind of stair board, the step board has two types of welding connection and bolt connection, welding fixed step board, directly welded to the ladder beam, no need to add the side board of the step board  , Relatively economical and durable, but not easy to disassemble,

The bolted tread needs thicker side panels on both sides  , Holes are drilled on the side panels, and the installation is directly fixed by bolts, which can be recycled and reused. Buyers can customize them according to their actual needs. They can be made into various sizes with suitable types of steel gratings to match the corresponding stairs.  The step board is a deep-processed product made of steel grating, anti-skid strips and side panels.

Due to industrial  The aluminum profile workbench has the advantages of high connection strength, sturdiness and durability, uniform load-bearing, adjustable, convenient disassembly and assembly, anti-static, fireproof, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and recyclable. It will gradually occupy the market space of workbenches made of steel.  It has been widely used in manufacturing production lines, exhibitions, warehousing, display, anti-static workshops, hospitals, clean rooms, kitchen engineering and other fields, and the market share can be imagined.  With the implementation of environmental protection and energy saving policies, the application of industrial aluminum profile workbenches will be more far-reaching and the development prospects will be broader.

Choose a suitable stepping ladder for climbing, a suitable height aluminum alloy ladder and insulating ladder can be selected for short-term climbing operations,  If you need to climb for a long time, please choose a ladder with a platform surface.  The distance between the ladder crossbars is generally 30 cm, and the angle with the ground is 70 degrees. The top and the structure should be firm, and the lower end should have anti-skid measures.  The herringbone ladder should have firm hinges and restricted opening zippers.

It is strictly forbidden for two people to stand on the same ladder to work. The ladder must not be extended or used as a booster.  Standing people.  When the ladder cannot be steadily set aside, it must be supported by a special person or tied up with a fixed object with a rope.  It is strictly forbidden to move the ladder when there are people on it.  When it must be used in front of the door, measures must be taken to prevent the door from being opened suddenly.  When going up and down the ladder, do not hold anything in your hand, which will prevent your hands from grasping the ladder.  When using the ladder leaning on the scaffold, it must be fastened, and the user should wear a safety belt.