Briefly describe the types of climbing ladders

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Climbing step ladder Classification: mobile climbing ladder, climbing car, handrail climbing ladder, step climbing ladder, iron ladder, stainless steel ladder, warehouse pickup elevator  , Mobile freight elevators, movable stairs, feeding ladders, industrial ladders, machine tool ladders, step ladders, climbing ladders with casters, etc. More styles and non-standard specifications can be customized.

With the rapid development of industry, the demand for industrial aluminum profiles is increasing and the market is competitive  More and more intense, dark spots will often appear in the process of industrial aluminum profiles, which will affect its appearance. What is the reason for the dark spots on industrial aluminum profiles? What kind of solutions are there? Come and talk to me  Discuss together and talk about everyone's solutions.

Climbing the step ladder introduces why the industrial aluminum profile has dark spots and the reasons  It is due to insufficient air cooling at the exit of the extruder, which causes the aluminum profile to release the swing bed at a higher temperature. The cooling temperature of the released part is different from that of other locations. Coarse magnesium silicide is precipitated, and the part becomes black after oxidation.  gray.  In order to avoid such causes, we can strengthen the cold intensity, avoid the spacing of the profiles on the swing bed, and ensure that the air-cooling temperature is stepped. If conditions permit, the factory can use the combination of atomization and cold air to eliminate dark spots.

In recent years, with the rise of high-risk industries such as power and communications that need to face high-voltage power,  Safety ladders have higher and higher requirements for their insulation function. The domestic sales of Shenshi also shows the enhancement of domestic enterprises' awareness of safe production and the ubiquitous deepening of the "people-oriented" concept.

Ladders used against pipes must have hooks or  tied with ropes at the upper end.  It is forbidden to use the ladder on unstable supports such as wooden boxes or on objects that are easy to slide.  When working on a ladder, use a tool bag; objects should be transferred by rope, and they are not allowed to be thrown to each other on or under the ladder.