The protection and maintenance of climbing step ladders

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Climbing step ladder is a staircase connecting the ground with a certain height space. When the operating space is higher in a certain place, you can borrow the escalator guardrail (guardrail height  700mm), after climbing to a certain height, stand on the platform to operate.  All steel structure is welded or connected.

1m climbing car, 2m climbing car, 3m  Climbing cars, 4m climbing cars, and stainless steel climbing ladders are non-standard products according to customer needs. Customers of stainless steel, steel, and aluminum are on demandIf you want to choose, the color is customized.  The size of the climbing car is determined according to the passage and safety factors. The movement of the casters and the stable safety guarantee of the foot brake ensure the flexibility and safety of the climbing car.  Ascending trucks are not only used as a carrying tool for material handling and turnover, but also as an auxiliary operation tool for ascending and picking up goods. They are especially suitable for manual picking operations of light and small materials in factories, warehouses and other environments.

Mobile steel straight ladder refers to a portable steel ladder that has a fixed length and cannot be independently supported.  It is composed of ladder beams and pedals.  The movable aluminum alloy stepladder is composed of two aluminum alloy single ladders connected by hinges. After the bottom end is unfolded, it can independently support the aluminum alloy ladder.  It consists of ladder beams, pedals, struts, hinges, ladder feet and other components.

The two sections of aluminum alloy tensile ladder are connected by a locking device, which can be lifted up and down.  It is an aluminum alloy ladder that is composed of a combination of aluminum alloy single ladders, but cannot be independently supported.  It is composed of ladder beams, pedals, ladder feet, locking devices, pulleys, ropes, top section ladders, bottom section ladders and other components.

Climbing step ladder protection and maintenance, the ladder should be kept and maintained by a dedicated person  And repair, the ladder should be checked before use, and the mobile ladder should be kept in time after the work is finished.  The contaminated parts can be cleaned with soapy water and other neutral solvents.  The storage place of the mobile ladder should be dry and ventilated, and should not be exposed to strong acids and alkalis.  Frequently used mobile ladders should be inspected frequently. If abnormalities are found, they should be replaced or scrapped immediately.