What to pay attention to when using aluminum alloy ladders

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:19

When a person feels physical discomfort, no matter what he does, he will have no energy. No matter what activities he participates in, there will be times when he feels that he can’t work well.  Therefore, when a person feels a little tired, it is not possible to use aluminum alloy ladders, because the ladder has a certain height, and when the human body is not so comfortable, using it may cause certain dangers, which may be harmful to use.  Human safety has a certain impact.  In addition, when you take medicine, or drink alcohol, or feel that there are some physical obstacles, do not use the ladder.

When using the aluminum ladder to work, if the  When working from one end to the other end of the ladder, many construction workers will directly step from the top end of the ladder to the other end of the ladder. Although this approach saves time, it is a dangerous approach.

The production of insulating safety ladders mainly considers that many industries face high-voltage power when working at heights.  Metal ladders greatly increase the probability of electric shock accidents. Shenshi has developed a glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation ladder with a withstand voltage of 35 kV, which is likely to avoid accidental electric shock accidents.  The production of insulating safety ladders is based on the development concept of advancing with the times and foresight, and Shenshi is based on comprehensive consideration and careful design of safety requirements.

We will pay attention to this ladder before purchasing the aluminum alloy herringbone ladder  What is its thickness and what material it is.  Aoyu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in aluminum alloy herringbone ladders. It selects extra-thick aluminum alloy herringbone ladder materials. Aluminum alloy herringbone ladders have various colors and thicknesses above 1mm. They can be used according to the use of aluminum alloy herringbone ladders.  The scene requires a customized aluminum alloy herringbone ladder. The thickness of the material can exceed 3.5mm, which is safe and durable, and the load-bearing capacity can exceed 150Kg. It can be used with confidence.