The editor teaches you how to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy ladders

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:17

Nowadays, aluminum alloy ladders are very useful in our daily life. They are often used in many places in our lives and bring us a lot of convenience.  However, I also know that any item, any thing, has its own ways of use, and it has its own points that need attention.

When we are working on the ladder, if we need to transport heavy objects high in the sky, some construction  The person will directly stay on his body and climb onto the ladder to perform operations. In fact, there is a relatively large safety hazard. The safety hazard that may occur is the danger that occurs after the ladder is unbalanced.

For metal products, they have better conductive functions. If we want to use aluminum alloy ladders  When conducting electricity connection work, because aluminum alloy ladders are also metal products, certain anti-electricity measures must be taken before such ladders can be used for work.

Before using the aluminum alloy ladder, you need to carefully check the aluminum alloy ladder and whether the pedals are deformed or damaged  , Whether the nails of the bolts are loose, and check whether the fixing rods of the aluminum alloy ladder are effectively fixed, and whether the bottom of the aluminum alloy ladder is installed with a non-slip sleeve; if the aluminum alloy ladder is damaged, you need to immediately  Repair or update.  In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint wood and aluminum alloy ladders, because the paint will cover up the problems of aluminum alloy ladders.


The gloss can be seen through the material. The surface treatment is not smooth, generally good  The aluminum structure of the product is compact. It feels different when you touch it with your hand. Open the ladder and take a look. If the ladder squeaks as soon as it is opened, it is definitely not a good ladder. When a good ladder is opened and closed, both  If there is no sound, take a look at the processing state of the rivets. If it is loose or the gap is too large, the ones exceeding 0.02MM are dangerous goods.