What are the advantages of aluminum alloy ladders

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The herringbone lift and lifting platform should be operated by at least 2 people. When lifting, 2 people are pulling the rope at the same time, and at the same time lightly rise and fall. The ladder over 6 meters should be at least 2  Human-assisted operation prevents the ladder from falling to one side due to the deviation of the center of gravity of the ladder due to uneven force on both sides.  It is strictly forbidden to stand on the platform when lifting or moving.  There are two movable lifting fixing devices on both sides of the lifting platform. When moving, they should be folded. When lifting and working, please open them to a suitable width and lock them for fixing.  The bottom of the lifting platform is equipped with lockable universal moving casters. Please lock the casters when working, and  can move freely when unlocking when moving.

Aluminum alloy ladders can be used in our ordinary lives.  For example, it is more convenient to change light bulbs in the family. It is more convenient to have this kind of ladder. In the construction of fruit picking in agriculture and re-decoration, it is even more inseparable from the use of aluminum alloy ladders.  But because this is a kind of climbing operation, if the method used is improper, there will still be certain safety risks.  Here, Qingdao aluminum alloy ladder manufacturer introduces the safe use of aluminum alloy ladder.

Before the normal use of the ladder, check the use of the ladder, such as the use time  Longer ladders will have an impact on the safety of users if they open welding.  Do a good job of checking the ground of the ladder you are using. The ground with insufficient hardness must be treated well before the ladder can be placed.

Aluminum alloy ladder The manufacturer said that for users of climbing operations,  You must pay attention to the position of your body's center of gravity, which should be in the middle of the two ladder posts.  In the case of relatively strong wind, the center is more difficult to maintain, and the operation must be stopped.

When it needs to be out of service for a period of time due to factors such as seasons, it needs to be out of service for maintenance. Mainly clean  , Plastic surgery, matching, anti-corrosion and other work. Sealing and maintenance. Sealing and maintenance should be carried out carefully in accordance with the requirements of sealing to reduce the erosion of natural weather on long-term sealed ladders.