Do you know what fields are used in mobile platform ladders?

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It is widely used in libraries, homes, shopping malls, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and institutions, auto parts warehouses, pharmaceuticals, electronics and apparel companies, and is an ideal for current logistics management  The choice is an ideal upgrade product for the current traditional wooden and steel pipe welded shelves. According to different use places and requirements, the climbing ladder will have different designs and sizes, and a variety of styles can be manufactured according to ideas to meet the specific requirements of a specific field  , The size of the mobile platform ladder is determined according to the passage and safety factors. The movement of the casters and the stable safety guarantee of the foot brake ensure the flexibility and safety of the climbing sample.

My explanation of the aluminum alloy ladder is: aluminum alloy climbing equipment.  Conventional aluminum alloy ladders are divided into single-sided ladders and double-sided ladders (also known as A-shaped ladders, herringbone ladders, double-sided ladders).  Because the ladder is too high, it is not convenient to store.  Telescopic ladders also appeared on the market.  Therefore, telescopic single-sided and double-sided ladders become single-sided and double-sided telescopic ladders.

There is no fixed standard for some aluminum alloy ladders.  Can be customized according to requirements.  Representative non-standard aluminum alloy ladders include step ladders and climbing cars.  The step ladder looks like a step.  Generally do steps 1-4.  If you require a higher height, then choose to make a climbing car, which is characterized by easy mobility.  It is a special equipment for warehousing, logistics and pickup.

The mobile platform ladder is a kind of steel grating used for platform stairs. According to the installation method, generally divided into  There are two types of welding and screw fixing. The side plates directly welded to the keel do not need to be added. They are relatively economical and durable, but they are not disassembled.  Bolt-fixed treads need thicker side plates on both sides, drill holes on the side plates, and install them directly with bolts, which can be recycled in use.  Can be customized according to your actual needs,It can be used for any type of steel grating to be manufactured into various sizes to match the corresponding stairs.

The design of stair step size is suitable to pay attention to the slope of the step.  However, the inclination is determined by the height of the story and the size of the space around the opening.  The angle formed by the straight line formed by the front of the stair step and the level is the slope of the stair step.  The slope of the indoor stairs is about 30, and it feels comfortable and safe to walk.