Mobile platform ladders that can be customized according to requirements

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Ladders, daily life utensils, are made of two long thick poles as sides, and a cross pole suitable for climbing is crossed in the middle for climbing; when a ladder is used in construction, decoration,  In actual use in the fields of advertising and family housing, users often need to use a ladder to climb up and stand at a certain height for a long time operation, and a work platform is set at the upper end of the ladder, but this ladder is bulky and difficult to carry.

Aluminum alloy ladder My interpretation is: aluminum alloy material climbing equipment.  Conventional aluminum alloy ladders are divided into single-sided ladders and double-sided ladders (also known as A-shaped ladders, herringbone ladders, double-sided ladders).  Because the ladder is too high, it is not convenient to store.  Telescopic ladders also appeared on the market.  Therefore, telescopic single-sided and double-sided ladders become single-sided and double-sided telescopic ladders.

There is no fixed standard for some mobile platform ladders.  Can be customized according to requirements.  Representative non-standard aluminum alloy ladders include step ladders and climbing cars.  The step ladder looks like a step.  Generally do steps 1-4.  If you require a higher height, then choose to make a climbing car, which is characterized by easy mobility.  It is a special equipment for warehousing, logistics and pickup.

Stainless steel climbing car, stainless steel step ladder, stainless steel picking ladder, stainless steel picking ladder, stainless steel feeding ladder, stainless steel moving  Ladder, stainless steel freight elevator; the distance from the platform to the ground is 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, which can be customized according to requirements; ordinary 201# stainless steel, high-quality 304# stainless steel;

Mobile platform ladder said that the design of indoor  stair step size must meet the needs and  It is convenient to walk, and it should be easy to see.  Families with elderly and young children must pay attention to the design specifications of the stair step size.  The following are several stair step size specification data for your reference and use.

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