A brief introduction to which fields the climbing step ladder is used

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Small ascending ladder platform in the workshop, the overall load-bearing 300kg, the main  should be applied to industrial workshops, logistics warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries and bookstores, mainly small  The range ascending is convenient for observing the situation above the machine tool and throwing materials, and for maintaining higher facilities.  The main body of the climbing car is made of stainless steel pipe fittings or rectangular tubes. The pedals of the climbing ladder are printed anti-slip steel plates. The wheels are equipped with load-bearing and anti-slip universal brake wheels and directional wheels.

Climbing step ladder Features: supermarket climbing ladder, using high-quality non-slip pattern steel plate,  The climbing ladder is safer and stronger to use. It uses high-quality silent casters. It can be moved easily by pulling the handrails. It is convenient and flexible. If there are special requirements, it can be customized as required. 304 stainless steel is optional.

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Climbing step ladder is widely used in ports, airports, stations, workshops, properties, cleaning, substations,  Substations, buildings, fire fighting, communications, hotels, theaters, exhibition halls, electromechanical installation, ship supporting, climbing operations, supermarket warehouses, shopping malls...

The production of insulating safety ladders mainly considers that many industries have to face high-voltage electricity when working at heights. General metal ladders greatly increase the probability of electric shock accidents. Shenshi has developed FRP insulated ladders, which are pressure resistant.  The level can be up to 35 kV to avoid accidental electric shock as much as possible.  The production of insulating safety ladders is based on the development concept of advancing with the times and foresight, and Shenshi is based on thorough consideration and meticulous design of safety requirements.