Check whether the climbing ladder is firm and reliable before using

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Climbing step ladder has a stable structure, convenient movement and safe use, which can greatly improve work efficiency and expand operating space. It is a factory, warehouse, shopping mall, and supermarket  It is a necessary facility for climbing operations in many places.  Ascending cargo elevator is a kind of carrying tool for material handling and turnover, as well as an auxiliary operation tool for ascending and picking up goods. It is especially suitable for manual picking of light and small materials in factories, warehouses and other environments.

The whole freight elevator is light in weight and has good maneuverability. It is suitable for pictures of the 2m stepping ladder in the workshop.  Single-person operation; the special-made mast guide wheel device of the freight elevator makes it easy to rise and fall. The stainless steel climbing ladder has a lifting height of 5m-5.5m; the freight elevator has a compact structure and a small size in transportation.  Smoothly pass through door openings and narrow passages, the size is 950*600mm; the double-protected leg structure of the freight elevator makes it safer to work and can be close to the working surface. The distance between the base and the ground is 42mm;

Ladders should be managed by special personnel and inspected regularly.  The ladder must have sufficient strength and stability, and skew, distortion, cracks and other defects that affect the safety of use are not allowed.  Ladder that does not meet the requirements should be repaired or scrapped in time.  The length of wooden ladders and stepladders should not exceed 5 meters, and the length of stretch ladders should not exceed 10 meters. The feet of the ladder should be covered with rubber or other anti-skid measures.  The production of ladders should comply with safety standards. The distance of the steps should not be greater than 30 cm. The treads of the ladders must be embedded in the beams of the ladders. The ladders made of nails are not allowed.

Climbing step ladder Check whether the ladder is  It is firm and reliable, meets the requirements of use, and each part can bear the total weight of the operator and the climbing tools and materials.  When working, the ladder should be placed on a fixed ground plane, and the placement should be stable.Ladder feet must not be placed on stools or other unstable objects.

When the ladder is in use, the working angle to the ground is 75º±5º, only one person is allowed on the ladder  On homework.  Step on the foot of the ladder firmly and hold the ladder with both hands.  When a person is on a ladder, the ladder must not be moved.  For ladders that cannot be used stably, such as leaning on pipes or telephone poles, the upper ends of the ladders must be hooked or tied with ropes to prevent the ladder from sliding or tipping.