Briefly describe how to fix the climbing ladder

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When working in the workshop, it is sometimes necessary to climb up to work. The ladder is equipped with wheels to facilitate movement in the workshop. The working plane is equipped with fences and hand guards to protect the safety of the workers.  The climbing surface of the ladder is made of non-slip steel plate, and the main frame is 30*30 square pipe sprayed with gray paint.  Assembled structure, the overall bearing capacity is 300kg.

Step ladder is equipped with a pedal locking mechanism, which can be automatically fixed by pressing the bottom pedal  Ladder: Step on the unlocking lever under the bottom pedal to easily move the detachable connection of the pick-up ladder, which is convenient for transportation and is suitable for libraries, supermarkets, warehouses and other workplaces.  Supermarket pick-up elevators and warehouse pick-up elevators can increase the number and height of the freight elevator pedals according to the requirements of users. The bottom is equipped with wheels for easy movement.

Choose high-quality stainless steel (steel) as raw materials, corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable, and reliable in quality; seamless welding is adopted  Technology, the welding port is polished smoothly, beautifully, and easy to clean; the base is equipped with a lockable universal guide wheel for easy movement; equipped with a pedal locking mechanism, pressing the bottom pedal can automatically fix the ladder; pressing the unlocking lever under the bottom pedal, it is convenient  The cargo elevator can be easily moved.  Detachable connection, convenient for transportation.  It is suitable for libraries, supermarkets, warehouses and other workplaces. Used in supermarkets, warehouses can be used to pick up and place items; it can be customized according to customer needs;

Climbing Step Ladder (car): It is made of high-strength square tube, angle iron, steel tube as the frame, and non-slip pattern steel plate as the step.  It is made of high-quality steel and undergoes acid cleaning, rust removal, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, baking varnish and other treatment processes.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.

The tread plate and the surface of the platform are made of patterned steel grating to reduce the risk of slipping during manual access operations.  Ascending cargo elevator is a kind of carrying tool for material handling and turnover, as well as an auxiliary operation tool for ascending and picking up goods. It is especially suitable for manual picking of light and small materials in factories, warehouses and other environments.