Briefly describe what are the commonly used materials for mobile platform ladders

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Mobile platform ladder (four-wheel rack ladder) is generally constructed of stainless steel balustrades and aluminum alloy brackets, which can be pushed by four wheels.  The upper handrail can better protect the operator's personal safety or tools from leaking.  The weight is 150-250 kg.  It is mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets and other long-term use units, as well as enterprises and individuals who pay more attention to safety.

Insulation ladder is a kind of ladder with anti-electric performance.   This particularity of it is doomed to its extraordinary value.  Electricity is familiar to all of us, and it is dangerous.  The use of insulated ladders is nothing more than a protection for the human body.  So you must take it seriously.  The following are the purchase attempts summarized by Huafeng Company, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Determine that the source of the product is a legal manufacturer. In recent years, the inspection reports of insulation ladders and the authority issued  , To confirm that the physical object and the test report product are unified, and the recent successful sales cases of insulated ladders

Mobile platform ladders are based on different  Use places and requirements, the climbing ladder will have different designs and sizes. A variety of styles can be manufactured according to the idea to meet the specific requirements of the specific field. The size of the climbing ladder is determined according to the passage and safety factors, through the movement of casters and foot brakes.  The stable safety guarantee ensures the flexibility and safety of the climbing sample.  Elevating ladders are classified into warehouse ascending ladders, shopping malls ascending ladders, and folding ascending ladders in types. With the use of shelves and trolleys, they can greatly improve production efficiency and distribution efficiency, and become indispensable operating supplies for factories and shopping malls.

Stair step size, indoor stairs are now an important part of interior decoration design.  There are more and more modern villas and duplex houses.  So the design of stair step size is an important highlight of home design.  In fact, in many public places, everyone will find that the size of some stairs is not ergonomic, and it is not comfortable for us to walk.