The conventional mobile platform ladder is not afraid of water

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The production of insulating safety ladders mainly considers that many industries have to face high-voltage electricity when working at heights. If ordinary metal ladders greatly increase the probability of electric shock accidents, Shenshi has developed  The glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation ladder can withstand voltage up to 35 kV, which can avoid accidental  electric shock accidents.  The production of insulating safety ladders is based on the development concept of advancing with the times and foresight, and Shenshi is based on thorough consideration and meticulous design of safety requirements.

The material of the ladder is aluminum alloy and contains a variety of metal elements, of which there must be metals that will meet water  Corroded.  However, through understanding of the aluminum alloy company, the aluminum alloy ladder materials they produce are all oxidized. Don't underestimate this thin oxide film. The protection of the entire ladder is very important and has a great effect.  of.  So the conventional mobile platform ladder is not afraid of water.

Mobile platform ladder Climbing ladder classification: mobile climbing ladder, climbing car, handrail  Climbing ladders, step ladders, iron ladders, stainless steel ladders, warehouse pick-up ladders, mobile freight elevators, movable stairs, feeding ladders, industrial ladders, machine tool ladders, step ladders, ladders with casters, etc., more styles, non-standard specifications are available  Customized processing.

The treads of the mobile platform and the surface of the platform are made of patterned steel gratings to reduce slipping during manual access operations  risk.  Ascending cargo elevator is a kind of carrying tool for material handling and turnover, as well as an auxiliary operation tool for ascending and picking up goods. It is especially suitable for manual picking of light and small materials in factories, warehouses and other environments.

Characteristics of the ascending ladder: the ascending ladder is stable in structure, convenient to move, safe to use, and can greatly improve work efficiency and expansion  The operating space is an essential facility for climbing operations in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, supermarkets and many other places.