What are the commonly used materials for making climbing step ladders

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Climbing step ladder will be equipped with detailed instructions, users must read carefully before use; the mobile hydraulic climbing car must be placed on a flat and hard  Work on the ground to avoid tilting; if you want to move this equipment to other places for work, you must first put away the ground connection plate, adjust the support frame and adjust the support legs to retract, only the wheels touch the ground.  , Use a forklift or other traction tools to pull one end of the ground connection plate, and you can move it at will;

Use  Before the mobile hydraulic climbing car, you must first  place the support frame with the crank to ensure that the platform and the carriage of the climbing car are kept at the same level, to ensure that the adjustment support legs can be balanced, and then tighten the support legs.  Nut; Hook the hook to the container truck carriage where the force can be hung to ensure that the chain is stressed, so as to prevent the truck carriage from shifting during the operation of the boarding bridge; Put down the ground link plate at the rear to ensure that the connection plate is not connected to the ground  The height difference enables direct boarding operations without steps. At this time, the boarding truck is ready and ready for use.

Specification: L1500*W600*H2000mm 700mm Material: 1.5mm thick threaded plate for pedal, 32mm for round pipe*  1.5mm thick, the frame uses 40*40*1.5mm square tube, 4-inch casters, two fixed two active brakes, 500Kg bearing capacity.  Climbing ladder (car): It is made of high-strength square tube, angle iron, steel tube as the frame, and non-slip pattern steel plate as the step.

The climbing step ladder is made of high-quality steel, which is pickled, derusted, phosphated, and electrostatically sprayed.  , Paint and other treatment processes.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.  The treads and platform surfaces are made of patterned steel gratings to reduce the risk of slipping during manual access operations.

With the continuous progress and development of society, the importance of safety work has been  It is increasingly placed in an important position. Therefore, most of the enterprises and institutions in our country have realized the significance of safe production and have launched various driving safety education and training. It is understood that in all safety accidents, construction equipment  The unsafe state of the company is one of the main reasons for accidents. Therefore, the safety performance of construction tools determines the effectiveness of safety production management from the source and fundamentally. However, looking at the overall safety  A little carelessness in the selection may bury hidden dangers to safe production.