What are the unique advantages of aluminum alloy ladders

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Insulation ladders are mostly used in power engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, water and electricity engineering and other special climbing tools.  The good insulation characteristics of the insulation ladder ensure the life safety of workers to a large extent.  Electrons tend to occupy the energy band with the lowest energy first. The insulating ladder valence band is the energy band with the highest energy that can be filled at absolute zero. The energy band above the valence band is called the conduction band.  The gap between is called the energy gap.

Above absolute zero, the valence band electrons are excited and transition to the conduction band, becoming conduction band electrons.  And leave a hole in the valence band.  According to energy band theory, an energy band filled with electrons or an empty energy band does not contribute to conductance, and conductance only comes from a half-full energy band. Conduction band electrons and valence band holes are collectively called carriers.  The metal conduction band is partially filled, so it has good conductivity.  For semiconductors and insulation ladders, the insulation ladder is filled in the valence band at absolute zero, while the conduction band has no electrons.  At room temperature, semiconductors can form electron-hole pairs through thermal excitation due to their small energy gap.

Portable ladder safety requires that the exposed metal surface of the ladder should avoid sharp edges, burrs and other structures  defect.  The center spacing of adjacent pedals or running sticks (steps) should be equidistant, with a limit deviation of ±2mm, and the center spacing should not be greater than 350mm.  The surface of the steps or running sticks (steps) of the ladder should be processed into a non-slip surface or coated with non-slip materials.  The lower end of the ladder should be equipped with anti-skid feet or an equivalent anti-skid device.

This device should include (but is not limited to) safety feet, non-slip blocks, road spikes, and flat or  Round pedals, etc.  The herringbone ladder should have a brace (or locking device) integrated with the ladder to keep the two sections of the ladder in the open position.  The height of the struts from the bottom supporting surface is not more than 2 meters.  When two sets of struts are used, the height restriction only applies to the lower set.  16 Extension ladders should be equipped with compulsory stoppers to meet the overlap requirements of the ladder sections, and the amount of overlap should not be limited by means of pulley positioning or ropes.

Aluminum alloy ladder has an insulating function, and has a safety function in the electrical work industry. Most of the color of FRP materials is yellow. The production process of insulating ladders is complicated and strict. FRP insulated ladders are non-conductive.  , Novel appearance, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance (with acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent and salt resistance and many other gas and liquid media corrosion performance. According to the actual application requirements.