Briefly describe whether the aluminum alloy ladder has anti-slip function

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:12

In the process of applying marine aluminum alloy dock ladders, if we want to better prevent slippage, we should really ensure that it is submitted when using it, and it has a certain level of slip resistance.  The role is to put it in some more suitable places. If the place we choose is not suitable at all, it will directly affect the final situation, so everyone should really consider it.

Aluminum alloy ladder due to factors such as tide, loading and unloading, and terminal environment  , When the gangway cannot be placed on the dock, pay attention to adjusting the height of the gangway at any time.  When the lower step of the gangway is higher and farther from the pier, it is not allowed to reluctantly go up and down.  The staff on duty at the stairway is responsible for adjusting the gangway and reminding people on and off to pay attention to safety. If necessary, the bridge ladder should be installed in accordance with regulations.

Some insulation ladders have high performance and some have low performance. What does the performance of insulation ladders have to do with?  Material.  The insulating ladder with good performance is mainly made of epoxy resin, which has strong toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.  Craftsmanship.  The high-performance insulating ladder is manufactured by the polymerization pultrusion process, and the surface is plated with a protective layer, which is safe and reliable.  maintain.  If the insulation ladder is properly maintained, its performance can be greatly extended.

It is strictly forbidden to use wooden barrels, wooden boxes, bricks and other building materials to build temporary planks instead of regular scaffolding.  Pulling wires on the scaffolding is prohibited.  When it is necessary to install the temporary lighting circuit, the wooden and bamboo scaffold should be equipped with insulators, and the metal pipe scaffold should be equipped with a wooden cross arm.  Install metal pipe scaffolding. It is forbidden to use bent, flattened or cracked pipes. The connecting parts of each pipe must be intact to prevent tipping or moving.

The pole of the metal pipe scaffold must be vertically and stably placed on the backing plate. Before placing the backing plate  Tamp and level the ground.  The pole should be covered with a column base, which is made of the column base plate and the pipe welded on the base plate .  The joints of metal pipe scaffolding shall be overlapped with each other by special hinges. This hinge is suitable for right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles (for diagonal bracing, etc.).  The hinge bolts connecting the various components must be tightened.