The safe use of step ladder

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Ladders must be run-in maintenance during the run-in period.  When the machine is used during the specified running period, it should be used according to the corresponding regulations, and the lubrication and tightening conditions should be checked comprehensively, and the conditions of the entire ladder should be observed. If any abnormalities are found, they should be resolved in time.  The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace the lubricating oil, lubricate each part, and tighten each bolt.  Perform a secondary maintenance after the running-in period.

Out of service maintenance is required to be out of service when it needs to be out of service due to factors such as seasons.  Mainly do cleaning, plastic surgery, matching, anti-corrosion and other work.  Storage and maintenance.  Storage and maintenance should be carefully implemented in accordance with storage requirements to reduce the erosion of long-term storage ladders caused by natural weather.  At the same time, strengthen the inspection of ladders and ensure the quality of maintenance work through verification.  The structure of the fixed platform gangway is hinged with the fixed platform above, which can change the inclination angle between the ship and the bottom surface of the equal ladder. The gangway is hung from the lower suspension point with steel wire rope or chain. This kind of gangway can also be single  Section or multi-section gangway structure.

Climbing Step Ladder is light in weight and high in strength (same diameter, same strength  The weight is less than 1/7 of the steel cable), which makes the operation more convenient and quick.  Twelve-strand braided anti-torsion structure.  Low extension makes operation faster and safer.  Anti-bending fatigue, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet performance, unaffected by salt water and non-absorbent are all its advantages, which improve the durability of the rope.  The rope is treated with resin and protected by a sheath, which not only facilitates repair and maintenance, but also improves the service life and makes investment more effective.  Withstand voltage insulation brings more convenience to the construction without power failure, and it is the ideal product for current live crossing.  Avoid obstacles when landing on the aluminum gangway.

It often moves when using the gangway.  , Carrying gangway to complete high-altitude operations in different spaces.  Many people do not care about the transportation and movement of the gangway, thinking that it is just a simple displacement and space change, there is nothing to care about.  It looks like this on the surface, but there are some safety issues in the process of moving and carrying the gangway.of.

Different gangways have different handling skills and points of attention during the transportation.  Like foldable extension ladders and herringbone ladders, they should be transported after being folded and folded.  In order to reduce the effort during transportation, the gangway should be placed in a balanced manner and kept level with the ground.  Especially in the corners of the stairs, the balance should be mastered.  The gangway should be sturdy and complete. The columns of the gangway should be able to withstand the total weight of the operators and the tools and materials carried when climbing. The crosspieces of the rigid gangway should be embedded on the columns. The distance of the steps should not be greater than 40 cm.  A height limit sign is set 1 meter from the top of the ladder.