What matters should be paid attention to when installing the mobile platform ladder?

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For the movable operation platform of the elevator shaft, the joints of two adjacent vertical poles should not be set in synchronization, and the distance from the center of each joint to the main node should not be greater than the step distance  1/3 of it.  The lap length should not be less than 1m, and should be fixed with no less than 2 rotating fasteners, and the distance from the edge of the end fastener cover plate to the rod end should not be less than 100mm.

The installation of horizontal poles is installed with vertical and horizontal sweeping poles 200mm above the I-beam, but according to the steps  Set vertical and horizontal horizontal rods.  The longitudinal horizontal rod is set on the horizontal horizontal rod and fastened on the horizontal horizontal rod with right-angle fasteners.  The side bars of the vertical and horizontal horizontal bars should be set close to the vertical bars.  The four sides form a chevron closed.

Mobile platform ladderIn subway construction, as the depth of shaft excavation increases  , The installation of the shaft fixed step ladder and the shaft bottom always keep a certain excavation distance.  In order to ensure the personal safety of the people going up and down, this mobile temporary climbing ladder was designed and produced, which has a good use effect and meets the actual needs of the site . Now the subway project is fully promoted and used.

There are many types of lifting platforms, including mobile, fixed, guide rail, etc. Some products are based on customers  This kind of lifting platform needs to be installed on-site after production. What is the process of installing the lift?

What matters should be paid attention to when installing the mobile platform ladder?  1 The requirements of the installation personnel and the installation personnel of the lifting platform include fitters, electricians and general workers. The number of personnel is determined according to the actual conditions such as the number of elevators and the installation period.  The installation personnel have undergone special technical training and are certified to work.  The installation team has a leader who is responsible for installation planning, organization, coordination, security, etc., and manages the construction period.  2 Schedule of construction period Before installation, the installation team leader shall prepare a schedule of construction period according to the workload, contract period requirements, and site conditions.  After the installation is carried out normally, it shall be executed in strict accordance with the construction schedule.