Briefly describe what functions the ascending step ladder has

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The treads are often in contact with people and have a shorter life span than other components, so special wax or floor wax should be used regularly for protection.  In addition, although the paint surface of some treads is light-cured wear-resistant paint, the wear resistance is relatively speaking, and it has a certain service life on its own.

The step board is another name for the steel grating used for the stairs of the steel structure platform.  Slabs are also called stair treads, steel ladders, and steel ladders.  According to the different requirements of the installation method, there are generally two types: welded and screwed.  The side plates directly welded to the keel do not require stepping plates, which are relatively economical and durable, but they are not disassembled.

The two sides of the bolt-fixed tread shall need thickened side panels (60mm*5mm) on the side panels  Drilling, installation is directly fixed with bolts, can be recycled and reused.  Customers can customize according to their actual needs, and can be made into various sizes with any type of steel grating to match the corresponding stairs.

The steel ladder treads are made by pressing twisted square steel at a certain distance into the flat steel with lateral force.  Thus, a grid plate with firm solder joints, plate-like shape and rectangular surface is obtained.  Galvanized steel grating is a storage device specially used for storing items, usually used in storage rooms. Shelf galvanized steel grating has many applications, among which the shelf is a kind of deformation, which is very important in logistics and warehouses.  Position, with the rapid development of modern industry, the number of logistics has also greatly increased. In order to improve the modern management level of the warehouse and improve the functions of the warehouse, not only a large number of shelves are required, but also multi-function , which can complete mechanization and automation.

Climbing the step ladder to save materials, and use materials saving materials under the same load conditions  Method, correspondingly reducing the data of supporting structure, reducing investment information, saving labor, saving time, avoiding cleaning and maintenance, simple structure, bolts can be clamped on the pre-installed bracket, saving production time, no on-site processing, the equipment is very flexible and durable  , Before the hot-dip galvanizing treatment in the factory, it is corrosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the model is used for many times.  The steel ladder treads should be disassembled on the ground before installation, and placed according to the platform drawing number and installation sequence.