Precautions when using ascending ladder

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:12

The climbing ladders owned by factories and enterprises shall include fixed steel straight ladders, fixed steel inclined ladders, elevated platforms,  Intermediate platforms for rest and steering, high-altitude work platforms, guardrails for ladders, and movable escalators for temporary maintenance operations (such as straight ladders made of aluminum alloy or bamboo and wood), referred to as "six ladders", "three ladders"  "Taiwan" and its supporting guardrail.

Because the climbing ladder is a factory enterprise  The auxiliary facilities inside are often overlooked by people. What's more, the unreasonable design, unqualified manufacturing, and poor maintenance and management of some terraces constitute accidents such as slips, falls, and other casualties.  In order to eliminate hidden dangers and avoid serious consequences caused by casualties, manufacturers of aluminum alloy ladders mainly follow the "Machine Factory Safety Evaluation Standards" (revised edition), refer to GB4053.1-83 "Fixed  Steel Straight Ladder", GB4053.2-83 "Fixed Steel Inclined Ladder", GB4053.3-83 "Fixed Industrial Protective Railing", GB4053.4-83 "Fixed Industrial Platform", GB7059.2-86 "Mobile  Safety Standards for Wooden Stepped Ladder and other relevant standards, strictly manage, supervise, inspect, rectify, and evaluate the ascending ladders in Gongsanhe enterprise, and record the regular inspection, rectification and evaluation.  This article focuses on its safety inspection and evaluation methods.

Climb step ladder  One side is equipped with steps (there are handrails beside the steps) for users to board the platform, and the other three sides of the platform are equipped with guardrails to ensure the safety of operators.  The working surface of the platform can accommodate 1-2 people standing, turning and moving.  Users can complete stacking from high places such as shelves on the platform of the ascending carItems and other actions.

The climbing car is equipped with casters,  It is convenient and quick for users to push and pull to move.  Among them, the front casters are equipped with wheel brakes. After the brakes are stopped, the climbing ladder is fixed and immovable, and the user can safely and safely climb.  The climbing ladder is stable in structure, convenient to move, and safe to use. It can greatly improve work efficiency and expand the operating space. It is a necessary facility for climbing operations in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, supermarkets and many other places.

The ladder should be managed by someone,  And regularly inspected.  The ladder must have sufficient strength and stability, and no skew, distortion, cracks, and other typical defects that affect its use are not allowed.  Ladder that does not meet the requirements should be repaired or scrapped in time.  The length of wooden ladders and stepladders should not exceed 5 meters, and the length of stretch ladders should not exceed 10 meters. The feet of the ladder should be covered with rubber or other anti-skid measures.  The construction of the ladder should comply with safety standards. The distance between the steps should not be greater than 30 cm. The treads of the ladder must be embedded in the beam of the ladder. The ladder made by nails is not allowed.