Firmness and reliability are important conditions for mobile platform ladders

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13

Any climbing equipment, its structure must be firm and reliable.  The use load of the pedals for the operators to go up and down should not exceed 1100N.  This is the weight of the person and clothing 7 5 ON multiplied by the load safety factor 1.  5 depends.  When there are special operations on the ladder surface, and the weight on the pedal may exceed the above load value, the ladder pedal should be checked according to the actual situation.  If it is not suitable for use, it must be replaced or reinforced to ensure safety.  When using any ladder to go up and down, you must face the ladder, and no utensils are allowed in your hands.

Mobile platform ladder The construction sweeping pole is missing, the vertical and horizontal junctions are not connected, sweeping the floor  The distance between the poles and the ground is too large or too small, etc.; the scaffolding boards are laid out, the thickness is not enough, and the overlap does not meet the requirements of the specification; the large formwork is removed, there is no anti-falling net between the thick inner pole and the wall; the open scaffolding is not equipped with diagonal bracing  ; The distance between the small crossbars under the scaffold board is too large; the connecting wall pieces are not rigidly connected inside and outside; the distance between the hand frame protection railings is greater than 600mm; the fasteners are not connected tightly, and the fasteners slip.

Fasteners are used to connect between parallel or diagonal rods. Scissors and diagonal rods are used to buckle  The parts are fixed on the extended ends or vertical rods of the intersecting horizontal horizontal rods, and the distance from the center line of the fasteners to the main node should not be greater than 150mm. Both ends of the in-line and open-type double-row scaffolding must be provided with horizontal diagonal bracing.  One should be set every 6 spans in the middle. The longitudinal overlap length is not less than 1 meter, and 3 fasteners are installed at equal intervals. The distance from the edge of the end fastener cover plate to the end of the overlap longitudinal horizontal rod is not less than 100mm.

There are many types of mobile ladders, and they are used more frequently. They are often used at hand without careful inspection  .  Therefore, in addition to the quality acceptance of new elevators in accordance with current national standards before use, regular inspections and maintenance are also required.

The bottom of the ladder foot should be solid, and anti-skid measures such as bandaging or nailing rubber, anchoring or clamping should be taken  , To slip and fall over.  Ladder is not allowed to be used high up to prevent uneven sinking or loosening between the foot of the ladder and the cushion after being loaded, which may cause danger.  Fixing measures should be added to the upper end of the ladder.  The working angle of the vertical ladder is 75°±5°. If it is too large, it is prone to slipping, which is dangerous.  The distance between the upper and lower pedals of should be 300mm, and there should be no missing gears.