The flexibility and safety of the mobile platform ladder

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Mobile platform ladder Scope of application: widely used in libraries, homes, shopping malls, supermarkets, corporate warehouses and institutions, auto parts warehouses, pharmaceuticals  , Electronics and apparel companies, it is an ideal choice for current logistics management, and an ideal upgrade product for the current traditional wooden and steel pipe welded shelves. According to different use places and requirements, the climbing ladder will have different designs and sizes.  The style can be manufactured according to the idea to meet the specific requirements of the specific field. The size of the mobile platform ladder is determined according to the passage and safety factors. The movement of the casters and the stable safety guarantee of the foot brake ensure the flexibility and safety of the climbing sample.

The use load of the steps on the ladder for people to go up and down shall not exceed 1100N.  When there are special operations on the terrace and the weight exceeds the above-mentioned load, check calculations should be carried out according to actual conditions.  To prevent sinking or instability after being loaded; the upper end of the ladder must be fixed and fastened, and the slope must not be too large to avoid slipping during operation.  After the ladder is extended, its stability will be reduced, so if the ladder needs to be extended, reliable connection measures must be provided.

The general size of the mobile platform ladder platform can accommodate 1-2 people standing, turning, and moving.  The user can complete actions such as stacking items  from high places such as shelves on the platform of the climbing car.  In addition, the ascending car is equipped with casters, which can be pushed and pulled by the user to move, which is convenient and quick.  Among them, the front casters are equipped with wheel brakes. After the brakes are stopped, the climbing ladder is fixed and immovable, and the user can safely and safely climb.  It is made of high-quality steel and undergoes acid cleaning, rust removal, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, baking varnish and other treatment processes.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.

The installation requires digging a pit or called a trough. The pit is the storage place for the elevator.  The size and height of the pit is determined by the length, width and height of the lifting platform. The bottom surface of the pit shall be leveled with construction cement when it is poured.Embedded parts are embedded in the four corners to fix the lifting platform. The four corners of the pit must reach an angle of 90 degrees, and all sides are perpendicular to each other.  After the lifting platform is fixed, check the levelness of the platform and the ground to ensure that it is in a line, or the lifting platform is slightly lower than the ground, so that the goods can be easily transported to the lifting platform.  The last step of the installation is to connect the electricity, and connect the wires on the distribution box to the power cord to ensure the normal operation of the line.

The mobile platform ladder needs to be tested repeatedly after the lifting platform is installed, and the lifting platform is installed after normal operation  The work is over.  Bolt-fixed treads need thicker side plates on both sides, drill holes in the side plates, and install them directly with bolts, which can be recycled and reused.  It can be customized according to your actual needs, and can be used for any type of steel grating to be manufactured into various sizes to match the corresponding stairs.