The mobile platform ladder should be erected in accordance with special construction

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Mobile platform ladder The unloading platform should be erected in accordance with the special construction plan.  The unloading platform should have an independent support system, and it is strictly prohibited to connect with scaffolding, formwork support, vertical transportation machinery, etc.  The external scaffolding lifting and unloading platform should be made stereotyped and tool-oriented. It can be reliably tied by 4 matching steel cables and embedded steel rings, forming a self-supporting system. The embedded steel rings should ensure the anchoring length and concrete strength.  Should reach 100%.  It is strictly prohibited to use fastener-type steel pipes to build cantilever unloading platforms.

This kind of elevator movable stop device is placed at the designated position under the car and under the counterweight.  And mechanically stop the car to ensure the safe space of the elevator top and bottom pit, simple structure, convenient installation and disassembly, and the elevator can be installed in different positions during normal operation and inspection operation.  Install 4 wheels (or 2 fixed supports and 2 wheels) on the lower part of the work platform, and weld the jack screw on the work ladder (platform) frame, raise the jack screw when moving, and drop the jack screw when fixing.  The disadvantage of this structure is that when the work ladder is fixed, the wheels of the work ladder rotate, and the jack screw supports the ground not firmly, so the people on the work ladder shake severely and unstable when working.

Mobile platform ladder, buffer The buffer on the construction electric elevator is a line of defense for the safety of the construction electric elevator:  Required settings.  It must have a certain strength, can accept the impact of the rated load of the electric elevator, and play a buffering role.  And now many construction sites, although some are set up, but not enough to play a buffer role, there is no buffer at all on the site construction site, it is wrong to hope that the user unit should not underestimate this line of defense.  It is widely used in cargo platforms and mobile loading and unloading places without loading and unloading equipment.  It is a cargo handling auxiliary equipment used in conjunction with a forklift.  Through the hydraulic boarding bridge, the forklift can directly enter the interior of the automobile container for batch loading and unloading operations.

It only needs one person to operate and realize fast loading and unloading of goods without power supply.  The use of mobile docking bridges makes it convenient for forklifts and other handling vehicles to directly enter the container from the ground for batch loading and unloading operations. This product uses manual hydraulic power as power and does not require an external power supply to achieve different height adjustments. Only a single person is required.  Operation can realize the rapid loading and unloading of goods, which greatly saves the efficiency of loading and unloading of the enterprise, so that the enterprise can obtain greater economic benefits.  The service life of the aerial work platform is inseparable from the maintenance work during use.

For any equipment, the mobile platform ladder has a certain running-in period during the use period after purchase, and  The running-in period of the aerial work platform is within 50 hours of first use, so maintenance measures must be taken within 50 hours.  Other factors are determined by the frequency of the use of the elevator and the load capacity of the work. In the early use process, you must be familiar with the various functions, performance, safety instructions, emergency descent, operating conditions and component parameters of the aerial work platform.  , So there is a correct way to use it.