The quality of aluminum alloy ladders is reflected in whether they are non-slip

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Aluminum alloy ladder Because of the use of higher-functional raw and auxiliary materials, the production process is more advanced and the structure planning is more scientific.  In addition to lighter components, high-quality insulated ladders also have the advantages of safer and faster use.  Acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance and salt corrosion resistance.  According to the requirements of practical applications, ortho resins, intermediate resins and ethyl  alkenyl resins can be economically used as matrix data.  High strength and light weight (the density of FRP grating is less than 2, which is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum).  Its strength is 10 times that of hard polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength exceeds that of aluminum and ordinary steel.  The foot of the ladder has a non-slip effect.

However, people still need to hold the ladder directly with their hands to remind protection (while preventing the ladder from tilting)  , And step on the bottom of the ladder with your foot to prevent the bottom foot from moving.  When climbing a ladder or working, you must place your body in the middle of the ladder's cross braces, keep your body upright, and not stretch it out, otherwise you may lose your balance and cause an accident.

The quality of aluminum alloy ladders and aluminum alloy stairs is reflected in whether it is non-slip and whether the pedal design is  It is very safe and comfortable. Whether the feet of the stairs are very firm and whether the ground is very stable are important aspects. In order to ensure the safety of users, the quality must be guaranteed.  Estimated departure time.  In most cases, we should know that the weight of a portable metal herringbone ladder should not be less than 90 kg and should be marked according to the load of the herringbone ladder.

According to the carrying capacity, the rated load of the ladder can be divided into four levels.  We should be able to buy according to our own strength and different environments.  The surface is treated by anodizing, which has strong corrosion resistance. It can be raised and lowered with the help of lifting buckle and pulley combination and draw rope. It can be raised and lowered freely. Different specifications can also be customized according to customer needs. It is suitable for units, projects, outdoor and many other places.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are widely used in construction and are indispensable materials for buildings, apartments, and high-rise buildings.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are usually used as doors,Raw materials for windows, curtain walls and seals.

Aluminum alloy ladder, therefore, the quality of its products is directly related to the quality of doors, windows and curtain walls, and it is related to thousands of families.  The interests and life of the households.  It is often a tool we must use.  Different ladders should be used in different situations. Household ladders cannot be chosen casually, and suitable materials or types must be selected.  Special attention should also be paid to the correct use of ladders.  The scaffolding load shall not exceed 270kg/m2. It can be used only after it has been accepted and listed. It should be checked and maintained frequently during use.  The scaffolding with load exceeding 270kg/m2 or special form should be designed.  The two ends of the scaffolding, the corners and every 6-7 uprights should be provided with sharp knives and poles. When the height is more than 7 meters, the poles must be connected to the building every 4 meters vertically and 7 meters horizontally.  firm.