Matters needing attention when using aluminum alloy ladders

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Aluminum alloy ladder, matters needing attention when using aluminum alloy ladders, and matters needing attention when using aluminum alloy ladders.  Aluminum alloy ladder is a tool that people often use in life. What should be paid attention to when using aluminum alloy ladder?  Before using aluminum alloy ladders, you must carefully check whether the aluminum alloy ladders and pedals are deformed, damaged, and whether the bolts are loose.

In addition, check whether the fixed pull rod of the aluminum alloy ladder is effectively fixed, and whether the bottom of the ladder is installed with anti-skid  Sleeve; if the aluminum alloy ladder is damaged, it needs to be repaired or updated immediately.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are widely used in construction and are indispensable materials for buildings, apartments, and high-rise buildings.  Aluminum alloy building profiles are commonly used as raw materials for doors, windows, curtain walls and seals.

Therefore, the quality of its products is directly related to the quality of doors, windows and curtain walls, as well as the interests of thousands of households.  life.  The traditional welding method is argon arc welding, because the heat affected zone of argon arc welding is very large.  After repair, the workpiece often suffers from problems such as deformation, reduced hardness, sand holes, local annealing, cracks, pinholes, abrasion, scratches, undercut or insufficient bonding force, internal stress damage, etc.  The argon arc welding will also cause certain harm to the human body.  There are metal, wood and fiberglass ladders on the market.  Metal ladders cannot be used in places where electric shocks are dangerous, but FRP ladders are easily degraded by exposure to sunlight.  Wooden ladders are heavier than aluminum ladders and are prone to aging and damage.

Stainless steel has high strength, while aluminum alloy strength is generally low. Domestic high-strength aluminum alloy ladders are more expensive.  Aluminum alloy will not rust, aluminum alloy ladders are light in weight, and stainless steel will rust in harsh environments.  The insulation ladder is made of unsaturated  and resin and glass fiber polymer pultrusion process. The material is epoxy resin combined with pin technology. The aluminum alloy ladder shaft steel parts have a protective layer on the surface.  Insulating paint is used to treat the machined surface of insulating laminated material parts.  From the outside, the insulating ladder generally has a yellow coating on the surface,Pan-metallic luster of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

In order to prevent us from being injured when checking the carrying capacity of inferior ladders, we must first look at the carrying capacity of the signs.  When the bearing capacity matches the weight, you can test it yourself, but you can't increase it all at once.  It is necessary to add some weight when testing, it is bearable.  Aluminum alloy herringbone ladder How to make it? Early herringbone ladders were generally made of wood. With the development of the metal industry, aluminum alloy materials are now used; aluminum alloy herringbone ladders are light and beautiful.  Because of its durability and low cost, it is widely used.