It is more and more common to use aluminum alloy ladders during decoration

Industry I 2020-09-15, Number of views:13

Aluminum alloy ladder has always insisted on product quality, resolutely refrained from price wars, and never cut corners on product materials.  The safety of users is the core, and the quality of products is guaranteed, which has won the praise of users.  The herringbone ladder is the common ladder that we have used before, and today's herringbone ladder is made through the development of technology.  Nowadays, the use of herringbone ladders is very common.

Some decorators must use a herringbone ladder.  Acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance and salt corrosion resistance.  According to the requirements of practical applications, ortho resins, intermediate resins and vinyl resins can be economically used as matrix data.  High strength and light weight (the density of FRP grating is less than 2, which is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum).  Its strength is 10 times that of hard polyvinyl chloride, and its absolute strength exceeds that of aluminum and ordinary steel.  The foot of the ladder has a non-slip effect.  However, people still need to directly hold the ladder with their hands to remind protection (while preventing the ladder from tilting), and step on the bottom of the ladder with their feet to prevent the bottom feet from moving.

Aluminum alloy stairs occupies a large share in the current market, especially the lightweight texture of aluminum alloy  Favored in home decoration, many companies also choose aluminum stairs for decoration.  Because aluminum alloy stairs have many advantages over traditional wooden stairs, they will be favored by the market.  The quality of aluminum alloy stairs is reflected in whether it is non-slip, whether the pedal design is very safe and comfortable, whether the feet of the stairs are very strong, and whether the ground is very stable, this is an important aspect. In order to ensure the safety of users, the quality must be guaranteed  .

In most cases, we should know that the weight of a portable metal herringbone ladder should not be less than 90 kg.  It should be marked according to the load of the herringbone ladder.  According to the carrying capacity, the rated load  of the ladder can be divided into four levels.  We should be able to buy according to our own strengths and different environments.  Bolt holes should be perforated or drilled precisely, all holes should notProcessed into a wide range of burrs.  The thread should also expose at least 1.5 turns of the nut.  All nuts should be lock nuts or washers, or be tightened in an equivalent manner confirmed.

Only in this way can we meet the requirements of most users.  Due to the connection between the pedal and the ladder frame, the connection strength of the pedal should reach 9.7 and 10.4.  Testing requirements.  In this way, even if the semicircular or flat pedals are connected to the ladder frame, the upper surface of the ladder should remain level when the ladder is in the normal working position.  It is not easy for everyone to make such problems disappear in time.