Mobile platform ladder push-pull steering is convenient and quick to move

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Mobile platform ladder is made of high-strength square tubes, angle irons, steel pipes as the frame, and non-slip patterned steel plates as the steps.  It is made of high-quality steel and undergoes acid cleaning, rust removal, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, baking varnish and other treatment processes.  Equipped with high-quality casters: two fixed wheels and two movable brake wheels, which can move flexibly and securely.

The tread plate and the surface of the platform are made of patterned steel grating to reduce the risk of slipping during manual access operations.  The climbing ladder (car) is made of high-strength square tubes, angle irons, steel pipes as the frame, and non-slip patterned steel plates as the steps. Two casters with brakes are flexible and convenient to move. The climbing ladder (car): used by the climbing ladder  It is made of high-quality steel with high-quality casters; it can be used as a carrying tool for material handling and turnover, and as an auxiliary tool for ascending and picking up goods. The ascending ladder has the characteristics of safety and sturdiness, simple structure, convenient and fast; especially suitable for factories,  Manual picking of light and small materials in warehouses, books and other environments, safe climbing ladders.

Mobile platform ladders have some aluminum alloy ladders that are without a fixed standard.  Can be customized according to requirements.  Representative non-standard aluminum alloy ladders include step ladders and climbing cars.  The step ladder looks like a step.  Generally do steps 1-4.  If you require a higher height, then choose to make a climbing car, which is characterized by easy mobility.  It is a special equipment for warehousing, logistics and pickup.

The material of the ladder is aluminum alloy and contains a variety of metal elements, of which there must be metals that will meet water  Corroded.  However, through understanding of the aluminum alloy company, the aluminum alloy ladder materials they produce are all oxidized. Don't underestimate this thin oxide film. The protection of the entire ladder is very important and has a great effect.  of.  Therefore, the conventional mobile platform ladder is not afraid of water.  One side of the climbing ladder is equipped with steps (there are handrails beside the steps) for users to board the platform, and the other three sides of the platform are equipped with guardrails to ensure the safety of the operators.  The general size of the platform working surface can accommodate 1-2People stand, turn around, and move.

The mobile platform ladder user can complete stacking items from the shelves and other heights on the platform of the climbing truck  action.  In addition, the ascending car is equipped with casters, which can be pushed and pulled by the user to move, which is convenient and quick.  Among them, the front casters are equipped with wheel brakes. After the brakes are stopped, the climbing ladder is fixed and immovable, and the user can safely and safely climb.  When carrying aluminum alloy ladders, you need to slow down when passing through corridors or corners. If it is a relatively long aluminum alloy ladder, you need to have a person in front as a guide to avoid collision with pedestrians.