Wooden aluminum ladders are strictly prohibited from painting

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Aluminum alloy ladder, angle grinder for grinding. Angle grinder is a kind of hand-grinding equipment. When grinding the arc opening, first set the pillars and stairs  The railing pipes are directly connected together. First look at the width of the gap between the column and the railing when in direct contact. The width of the gap is the depth of the arc bottom of the arc to be touched. With this approximate size, you can estimate that you can touch it while touching it.  Just compare the sides.

Before using the aluminum alloy ladder, you need to carefully check the aluminum alloy ladder and whether the pedals are deformed or damaged  , Whether the nails of the bolts are loose, and check whether the fixing rods of the aluminum alloy ladder are effectively fixed, and whether the bottom of the aluminum alloy ladder is installed with a non-slip sleeve; if the aluminum alloy ladder is damaged, you need to immediately  Repair or update.

Aluminum alloy ladders. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint wooden aluminum alloy ladders, because the paint will affect the aluminum alloy ladders.  The problem is covered up.  After the aluminum alloy ladder, it must be cleaned to a certain extent. The purpose of cleaning the aluminum alloy ladder is to prevent the aluminum alloy ladder from being stained with some chemicals during use, which will slowly corrode the aluminum alloy ladder.  You can make the aluminum ladder look very shiny.  Aluminum alloy ladders are divided into two categories: cast aluminum alloy, used in the as-cast state; deformed aluminum alloy, which can withstand pressure processing, and has higher mechanical properties than the as-cast state.  It can be processed into various shapes and specifications of aluminum alloy.

Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, daily necessities, building doors and windows, etc.  According to the processing method, aluminum alloy can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy.  Deformed aluminum alloy is divided into non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy and heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy gold.  The requirement for aluminum alloy ladders to be stable and durable is not only due to its meticulous product function division, but also due to its excellent product quality-focusing on the subtle aspects and making more reasonable choices to avoid danger.

Aluminum alloy ladder, before using the herringbone ladder, you need to carefully check whether the ladder and the pedal are deformed or damaged, whether the bolt nails are loose, and also check the fixed rod of the ladder.  Whether it is effectively fixed, and whether there is a non-slip cover installed on the bottom of the ladder; if the herringbone ladder is damaged, it needs to be repaired or updated immediately. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to paint the wooden ladder, because the paint will cover up the problem of the ladder  When we maintain the product, we must pay attention to storing it in a relatively dry environment, so that it can prolong its service life and save us resources.