View the gloss of the profile surface through the material

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Aluminum alloy ladder, do not use the ladder in the case of strong wind, to prevent the ladder from falling down due to unstable standing, causing personal injury.  Places should avoid using metal ladders, because metal ladders have good electrical conductivity. When climbing ladders, you should raise your own safety awareness. People should face the ladder and hold them with both hands.

Generally, it can be judged by checking the glossiness of the profile surface by the material, if it is a ladder made of recycled materials  The surface is dull or pale, with no gloss (basically non-reflective), the touch feel is relatively rough, the surface made from the new material has very good gloss, the touch feel is relatively smooth and delicate; you can also see the toughness of the material, qualified aluminum  The alloy material should be able to return to its original state immediately after being squeezed by the allowable external force. If it cannot be restored immediately, then this kind of ladder has a great safety hazard.

Aluminum alloy ladder, running-in maintenance. Ladder must be running-in maintenance during the running-in period. Machinery  When used during the specified running-in period, it should be used in accordance with the corresponding regulations, and the lubrication and tightening conditions should be checked comprehensively, and the condition of each part of the whole ladder should be observed, and the abnormality should be solved in time. The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace the lubricating oil and lubricate each  Position, tighten the bolts. After the running-in period is over, perform a secondary maintenance.

Wrought aluminum alloy is divided into non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy and heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy.  Reinforced type cannot improve mechanical properties through heat treatment, but can only be strengthened through cold working deformation. It mainly includes high-purity aluminum, industrial high-purity aluminum, industrial pure aluminum, and anti-rust aluminum.  Heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloys can improve mechanical properties through heat treatment such as quenching and aging. It can be divided into duralumin, forged aluminum, super-duralumin and special aluminum alloys.  Especially in the corners of the stairs, the balance should be mastered.

Aluminum alloy ladder, forThe transport of ladders within the force range must be completed with the assistance of others .  The importance of maintenance of aluminum alloy ladder manufacturers requires us to understand and pay attention in our lives. The impact on life is actually quite large. The flame cutting separation method of aluminum alloy ladder manufacturers is also a separation method used in mining. The nozzle of the flame cutting machine  Jet high-speed flame, heat shock.  Generally, we know that the material of the manufactured product is metal. In order to ensure the quality of the product, we need to analyze the appearance of the product first, because if the product is found to be purchased, it is necessary to check whether the four legs of the ladder are level, whether the riveting or welding is loose or unsoldering  .  If you buy an insulated ladder, you also need to see if there is blistering or scratches on the bottom surface.  Secondly, we need to buy from professional manufacturers, which can ensure product quality and save us a lot of costs.